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How do I know if a chargeback is disputable?

Generally, the minimum required evidence to dispute a chargeback is an invoice and proof of delivery/service. This may vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the chargeback reason code included in the chargeback notification email, and it is recommended to tailor each response to the reason code. If an order has not been shipped, there is a very low chance of winning the dispute, and the default for these cases should be to accept and refund the cardholder. 

Consumer Complaints

  • Goods must be provided to the address entered at checkout as described on the merchant’s website.  


  • Concise evidence that proves cardholder authorization through documentation like fraud reports/data, customer communication acknowledging the order, and previous undisputed order history that indicates the customer has a long-standing relationship with the merchant. Fraud disputes submitted without fraud data, customer communication and previous undisputed order history have a low chance of success.