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I want to refund the customer but there is a chargeback dispute associated with the transaction, how can I process a refund?

Once a customer files a chargeback, the funds are held by the issuing bank pending their investigation. 

Reach's system will block any attempted refunds from being issued pending the chargeback process to avoid the risk of 'refunding' the customer twice if the case is decided in favor of the customer and the funds are not returned to the merchant. 

For this reason, we invite the merchant to inform Reach’s chargeback team that they would like to “refund” or “accept” the dispute by responding directly to the chargeback notification. The customer would be refunded through the chargeback process by their bank, which can take 14-90 days depending on the bank.

Customers inquiring about refunds related to accepted disputes can be redirected to their bank, as each bank handles chargeback payouts differently.