Reach into every market

The cost of doing business internationally can prevent many retailers from entering the global market in a meaningful way. But imagine having the ability to reach into every market worldwide, without weathering the logistical and financial burden required to make this a reality?


“In-country" Payments Solution

Reach's unique third-party business model makes it possible for online retailers to expand into new markets because we take on the role of the legal entity selling a specific product to the end consumer, we maintain the relationship with the acquiring bank, and assume the financial liability - so you don't have to!

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The Objective:

Having the ability to process global payments in the country your customer is in:

  • Eliminates foreign transaction fees
  • Ensures higher credit card approval rates
  • Lowers processing fees
  • Providing a better customer experience

The Challenge:

To reap the rewards of in-country payment processing, the retailer must have a physical presence in every local target market, and

  • Establish local entities in multiple countries
  • Ensure that these entities are staffed
  • Ensure the entity is compliant with local laws and regulations
  • Manage local bank accounts and relationships

The Reach Solution

With our game-changing Merchant Of Record "MOR" model, retailers can use Reach’s core connections and corporate structure to process payments locally without having to establish multiple local entities.


Grow your online sales with Reach's “In-country” solution

Take advantage of our 20+ local acquirers, 80+ payment methods, and 100+ currencies to deliver the great local experience your customers expect.

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Go global with confidence.

As Merchant of Record, Reach is responsible for complying with ever-changing regulations, as well as handling customer service queries from chargebacks to PCI compliance, and everything in-between!

Reach meets all of the required Merchant of Record criteria established by 
card schemes.

Reach's badge is displayed at checkout on the retailer's website - identifying us to the customer. The terms and conditions make it clear that Reach is the owner and seller of the product they are buying.

Reach takes flash title of the goods and then re-sells them to the customer. Reach assumes liability for the transaction and provides contact information and customer support in the event of a dispute.




What are in-country payments and how are they different than alternative payments?

What are in-country payments and how are they different than alternative payments?
Alternative payments include all payments outside of the standard credit card networks. Consumers in many countries prefer to pay via these payment methods that include real time banking solutions, cash based payments and wallets.

How is cross border processing different from in-country payments?

How is cross border processing different from in-country payments?

While cross-border payments process in a local currency, the transaction is still processed with your domestic provider. For example, if you are a US merchant selling into Europe with Euro pricing and processing, the transaction is still processed in the US. Unfortunately, in some major countries within Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States cross border processing decreases conversions, increases fees and charges consumers cross border fees.

In-country payments are processed locally which will always increase conversion, lower fees and eliminate additional consumer fees.


My current payments work fine, why should I change?

My current payments work fine, why should I change?

Reach has a sole focus on the retail industry, with core connections to financial institutions providing transactional currency and payment processing cost savings. Our retail optimized technology provides for a constantly competitive global payments platform that has proven to significantly increase the opportunity and upside of any global deployment.


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