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Our Product

About Us

We believe international borders should never be barriers to ecommerce. Our mission is to empower you to stay local and sell global, and we work tirelessly to eliminate costs and pain points that prevent you from doing so. We accomplish this through our strategic partnerships with leading currency exchange providers that allows us to offer you direct and real-time currency exchange rates that are guaranteed for up to 90 days.

We are world-leading experts in what your local challenges are and what your international consumers want, and we’re constantly improving to support ever-changing ecommerce markets to serve both you, and them, better.

Our Values


Our business is founded upon a deep respect for local customs. As the world of retail evolves online, we are dedicated to connecting people to world markets and improving international trade. Our spirit of continuous improvement is a fundamental component of why we do what we do.


We inspire others with our ongoing quest for excellence. We care intensely about our customer success and our team success. We celebrate wins and recognize everyone’s contribution.


We seek perpetual growth both personally and professionally, supporting our teams by sharing knowledge, and creating business processes that are scalable and efficient. We iterate and improve on all things we do


We focus on quality in everything we do, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Caring about our work and our product is at the heart of our success.

Our Leadership Team

Sam Ranieri

Founder & CEO

Under Sam's stewardship, Reach has exploded onto the payment technology scene, quickly establishing itself as a leading cross-border payments platform.

Matthew Cannon


Matthew has extensive experience incorporating payment structures across the globe, including local tax regulations, and marketing Reach’s product offerings.

Mike Baldwin

SVP, Operations

Mike enables Reach to produce strong bottom-line results through effective planning, compelling communication, and a keen focus on execution.

Lohrasp Seify

SVP, Technology

Lohrasp built the data division of the Company from the ground up; currently leading engineering, data, cyber, IT, and development operations departments.

Danielle Montgomery

VP, Marketing

Danielle leads the marketing department to galvanize the Reach brand across all media channels and equip all departments with outstanding tools & resources.

Kevin Brent

VP, Finance

Kevin oversees all finance-related functions and is responsible for building the Company's financial strategy, core accounting, and capital raising initiatives.

Mike McGirr

VP, Compliance

Mike is responsible for driving the Company's risk and compliance programs and ensuring the proper controls are in place to help scale the Company globally.

Melissa Pottenger

VP, Payment Operations

Melissa manages Reach's complex international partnerships network to ensure the solution is broad, nimble, and intelligent throughout its evolution.

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