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Boilerplate and mission statement.

Elevator pitch:

Streamline how your business sells cross-border.

Reach is a cross-border payments solution that helps you scale in international markets, reduce risk and complexity, increase conversions and lower fees.


Reach is a cross-border payments solution that helps businesses scale in international markets, reduce risk and complexity, increase conversions and lower fees. Its vast network of local entities turns every international buyer into a local buyer, giving them the comfort and convenience of paying in their local currencies with the payment methods that they prefer. In addition to market-leading automated FX and global tax compliance, Reach offers a suite of integration options, ranging from no-code plug-and-play access to a powerful and fully customizable API.


Mission statement:

We believe international borders should never be barriers to ecommerce. Our mission is to empower you to stay local and sell global, and we work tirelessly to eliminate costs and pain points that prevent you from doing so. We accomplish this through our strategic partnerships with leading currency exchange providers that allows us to offer you direct and real-time currency exchange rates that are guaranteed for 30 days.

WWe are world-leading experts in understanding localization challenges and what your international customers want, and we're constantly improving to support ever-changing ecommerce markets to serve both you, and them, better.


Reach quick facts.

Quick answers and best language to describe how Reach has evolved the cross-border payments ecosystem.

What is Reach?

  • Reach is a complete cross-border payments solution.
  • Reach is not a payments facilitator or payments provider.
  • Reach's solution is designed to benefit businesses of any size that sell goods & services cross-border, anywhere in the world.

Reach's use cases:

Reach's product:

  • Use Reach's worldwide entity structure to unlock the power of local payments.
  • Reach provides businesses with access to a vast catalogue of in-demand payment methods to ensure their global buyers can pay in methods they know and trust.
  • Reach offers industry-best wholesale FX rates to its clients.
  • Reach offers both flexible custom & no-code integration solutions.
  • Reach offers a revolutionary platform-agnostic global tax compliance solution to simplify and de-risk cross-border transactions.
  • Reach localizes international transactions, greatly increasing their success rates and reducing friction and failures.
  • Reach offers robust fraud service options powered by an algorithm-based fraud management engine and team of global experts.

Reach at a Glance

Founded in 2012, Reach is a scalable cross-border platform that lets businesses anywhere process locally everywhere.

Reach combines flexible dynamic checkout solutions, localized payments, and access to an unmatched global entity network to clients, allowing them the most cost-effective solutions to reaching their global customers.

Reach’s one-of-a-kind strategic partnerships with currency exchange providers allow it to offer direct and guaranteed real-time currency exchange rates.

Offers local acquiring in 70 countries, payment processing in 135 countries, and 100+ local payment methods, allowing businesses to go global with confidence.

Leadership team.

Sam Ranieri

Founder & CEO

Under Sam's stewardship, Reach has exploded onto the payment technology scene, quickly establishing itself as a leading cross-border payments platform.

Matthew Cannon


Matthew has extensive experience incorporating payment structures across the globe, including local tax regulations, and marketing Reach’s product offerings.

Mike Baldwin

SVP, Operations

Mike enables Reach to produce strong bottom-line results through effective planning, compelling communication, and a keen focus on execution.

Lohrasp Seify

SVP, Technology

Lohrasp built the data division of the company from the ground up; currently leading engineering, data, cyber, IT, and development operations departments.

Danielle Montgomery

VP, Marketing

Danielle leads the marketing department to galvanize the Reach brand across all media channels and equip all departments with outstanding tools & resources.

Kevin Brent

VP, Finance

Kevin oversees all finance-related functions and is responsible for building the company's financial strategy, core accounting, and capital raising initiatives.

Mike McGirr

VP, Compliance

Mike is responsible for driving the company's risk and compliance programs and ensuring the proper controls are in place to help scale the company globally.

Melissa Pottenger

VP, Payment Operations

Melissa manages Reach's complex international partnerships network to rensure the solution is broad, nimble, and intelligent throughout its evolution.

Logo & branding.

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Brand colours

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Hex: #0D0D1D
RGB: 13, 13, 29
CMYK: 82, 76, 57, 77
Pantone: PMS 433


Hex: #6158FB
RGB: 97, 88, 251
CMYK: 72, 68, 0, 0
Pantone: 2726C


Hex: #56C5CF
RGB: 86, 197, 207
CMYK: 60, 0, 20, 0
Pantone: 319C


Hex: #F0AB12
RGB: 240, 171, 18
CMYK: 5, 35, 100, 0
Pantone: 1235C

Social media & co-branding.

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