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Offer a frictionless dynamic checkout experience to your cross-border customers so they can shop in their local currency and use the payment methods they trust.

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Revolve was processing all global transactions through a US bank and using a currency converter to display prices in local currencies. This resulted in lower approval rates and unwanted additional transaction and currency conversion fees.


By integrating with Reach, Revolve was able to increase approval rates around the world by up to 10%.

“Our global customers are critical to our growth. Working with Reach helped us localize our checkout to provide a frictionless buying experience with no penalties for the end consumer. We have seen a decrease of over 20% in global processing fees, and we work with Reach as a strategic partner to help continuously evolve our global consumer experience and internal money management processes.”
— Kai Li, VP of International at Revolve Book a Demo


Found in Apple stores and electronics stores across the globe, Native Union is obliged to match online and brick-and-mortar prices in all regions. To avoid the complexities of managing multiple storefronts, Native Union needed a solution that could dynamically work with different currencies and local markets.


With Reach, Native Union is now able to offer multiple fixed pricing books through a single storefront with an effortlessly elegant checkout.

“By partnering with Reach, we were able to offer all of our global price books to our shoppers around the world, all through one Shopify Plus site. Their flexible technology and knowledgeable team allowed us to easily scale our international sales, while minimizing the operational costs of maintaining multiple storefronts.”
— Arthur Maitre, Head of E-Commerce at Native Union Book a Demo


As CurrentBody expanded, they grew from 1 main ecommerce site to 10 localized Shopify Plus sites. These different sites required detailed, time-consuming work. In addition, not being able to process locally, CurrentBody would incur massive cross-border fees and duties & taxes.


By using Reach’s unique solution, CurrentBody’s international sales increased by 88% in just twelve months.

“It was a huge relief to find that Reach was able to do everything we required. We can now offer localized processing & payment methods for our global shoppers - both of which are extremely important for approval rates, and customer satisfaction.”
— Andrew Showman, COO & Co-founder at CurrentBody Book a Demo

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