Business Over Borders #2 • Surviving Global Ecommerce Tax in Any Country With Grigory Shchichko

Business Over Borders
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It's tax season! ...and what's worse than submitting taxes in your local country? Having to navigate tax policies in every country you sell your products into. Join host Leo Tucker as he talks with Grigory Shchichko, Director of Indirect Tax at Reach, to learn strategies for navigating any tax market, trends to look out for, and diving into the real reason why understanding tax requirements has become so vital since 2015.


Leo: Welcome to Business Over Borders. I'm your host, Leo Tucker. This program is brought to you by the Reach Network. Today, I'm joined by Grigory Shchichko, our head of indirect tax here at Reach. Grigory, welcome to the program.
Grigory: Hi, Leo. Thank you for having me here today.
Leo: So one thing I was thinking about today is it seems to be that tax compliance, global tax compliance, is important more so today than it seems to have been ever. What is the reason for such attention to tax compliance for global merchants? Why now?
Grigory: Back in 20 back in 2015, only 33 countries, imposed tax on cross border sale of digital services. Right? And, actually, the whole story began in 2015. But, as of today, 90 countries require foreign merchants to collect tax if they sell cross border. I'm talking about digital services at the moment.
Right? So can you imagine that? So they they increase is, like, threefold. And these 90 countries, if we can see that the US is a single country, but we probably s...

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