Offload Global Tax Compliance with A Merchant of Record

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Eliminate the operational overhead, risk, and complexity of managing global tax compliance in your international markets with our Merchant of Record model.


One of the most difficult problems that digital businesses have today is global tax compliance. If you're selling a software, streaming service, um, and oftentimes other types of services as well, and you have a global audience, what that means is you now need to charge local sales tax wherever all of your customers are.

Every government around the world wants to be able to monetize on transactions that happen online. So when a consumer from Canada purchases the Wall Street Journal, a Canadian customer paying for that US-based business' product or service, is going to now have to pay taxes on that. And fundamentally, the Canadian authorities want to make sure that they're getting their respective taxes paid back to them because it's a product that was consumed by a Canadian person. But with digital goods, there are no borders. And so you can easily consume products from all around the world in a digital manner. As a US-based business selling to a Canadian, what I'm now responsible for is making sure th...

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