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Holding 4th position in Europe's top 10 ecommerce countries, Spain continues to be a hotbed for online shopping. In 2021, 55.4% of Spanish online shopping was cross-border, and with an estimated 30 million online shoppers, Spain offers global merchants a market that's prime for expansion. Of note, one of the largest net sales categories in the region is electronics and media, with 63% of internet users in the country holding at least one subscription service offering digital content.

Preferred Languages:
Euro - EUR

Country Facts


Population Density95/km2
Median Age43.9


GDP (USD)$1,397,509,240,000
Average Income (USD)$22,545
Producer Price Index72

Shopper Profiles

Rural vs Urban Living

The percentage of the population living in rural versus urban areas.

Demographic by Sex

Measure of how the population is split between female and male persons.

Internet Access

The percentage of the population that has access to the internet.

Buys Online

The percentage of the population that has made an online purchase since 2021.

Preferred Payment Methods

Shoppers in every country have preferred payment methods which, when offered, make them much more likely to complete a transaction successfully. Our research shows that shoppers in Spain prefer the following methods: .


TreviPay offers payment methods for B2B buyers and sellers, offering net-terms for delayed payments.

Net Terms


Skrill is a digital wallet available to customers in 200 countries. It operates by customers adding money to their digital wallets through bank transfers and credit cards.

Digital Wallet


Klarna is the largest provider of Pay Later services in the world. Klarna offers flexible payment options that give customers more freedom to choose when and how to pay for a purchase. Klarna provides payment solutions for 90 million consumers and 250+ thousand retailers across 19 core markets.

Installment Payments


Sofortüberweisung, or "Sofort," is an online direct payment method. It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds.

Online Banking


WebMoney utilizes transfers as a global settlement system for ecommerce. Users keep funds in a digital wallet that can be used for a variety of payments around the world.

Digital Wallet

Bank Transfer

Wire transfer, bank transfer, or credit transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one bank account to another bank account or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

Online Banking

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