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Fraud prevention & management

Remove the risks and reap the rewards in cross-border eCommerce

The digital revolution isn’t just changing how people pay - it’s also changing how people steal. Thanks to the internet, there are many ways to commit fraud and theft. Our experts are trained to understand global fraud trends and emerging threats, identify risks, and proactively save you money.

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Your partner in prevention

Even if you have a fully-developed, in-house fraud mitigation team, our experts work in tandem with your organization to augment and enhance your capabilities. We supplement and complement your existing fraud control processes by offering localized fraud mitigation knowledge in your target markets, with our country-specific fraud solutions.

Pay only for completed transactions.

Unlike other fraud services, we don’t hinder conversions due to perceived risk. Instead, we’re invested in your international success by offering protection from evolving global fraud patterns.

With our Fully-Managed Fraud Services, you only pay a fee on completed transactions, while all fraud liability is shifted to Reach.

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Guaranteed fraud protection

Lift your revenue and reduce risk by accessing our deep knowledge of cross-border commerce and algorithm-based fraud management solution.

You can optimze for revenue attainment and pay $0 in fraud losses, guaranteed, because we promise against fraudulent chargebacks on all approved orders.

What our clients say

Showpo was concerned that they were rejecting too many valid transactions due to suspected fraud, and that legitimate customers were being turned away.

By optimizing with Reach’s Fully-Managed Fraud Solution, Showpo was able to receive real-time analysis to ensure that not only non-fraudulent transactions were processed, but global conversions were increasing at the same time.

“Our analysis showed that we’d see 9% uplift with Reach, and we were right. Processing was key to our decision, but our experience with the team surpassed our expectations - they were knowledgeable and helpful at every turn.”
- Paul Waddy, Head of Operations SHOWPO

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