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Reduce costs and increase growth with Merchant of Record.

A Merchant of Record (MOR) model removes the border between you and your customers, and act as an intermediary between a business and its customers, taking responsibility for the payments process and assuming liability on behalf of that business.

When you use an MOR, you can unlock local acquiring in your global markets and gain the ability to process locally. This eliminates the need to establish expensive local entities, which also lowers fees, reduces false transaction declines, and offloads the risks of fraud and global tax compliance.

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Why choose us as your Merchant of Record?

Increase Conversions

Offer your customers the ability to pay in local currency with the payment methods they know and trust.

Reduce Fees

By accessing our global payment infrastructure, unlock local processing power.

Expand Quickly

Enter new markets with confidence with no need to set up a legal entity outside your domestic market.

Offload Liability & Global Tax Compliance

Ensure compliance with PCI, local sales tax and VAT obligations, as well as local regulations, through a single integration.

Our Merchant of Record model is ideal for any business, regardless of industry or use case:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reach can work with all types of companies including marketplaces, Travel, SaaS, and companies selling physical and/or digital goods. Learn more about our offerings for each service model in our Customers page.

No additional contracts are required.

With one contract and integration, Reach can enable processing in 130+ currencies, 100+ payment methods, and local acquiring in 40 markets. You may choose to have a direct relationship with other payment providers in your domestic markets or other countries.

We offer several ways to integrate to Reach which enable your business to maintain complete control of your checkout, UX, data, and customer relationship. No customer redirect to Reach is required.

Reach only steps in to take liability for the transaction. You will still be in charge of how you communicate and market to your customers.

As the Merchant of Record, Reach will be included on the card statement. We offer dynamic descriptors so you can include your company name or website on the statement. For example: RCH*

A payment service provider refers to a company that securely processes payments on your behalf but doesn't take on any financial risk or handle the other complex tasks mentioned above.

For these providers, you will still need to be the Merchant of Record. This can cause issues when selling into global markets as these providers will require you to have a foreign subsidiary in each market you want to access local processing.

No. As the Merchant of Record, Reach can take on all tax liability and will file and remit all required sales tax under our Tax IDs.

By leveraging our Merchant of Record model, our global tax experts manage the entire process of complying with the thousands of rules, regulations, and complications that global tax management entails. Our comprehensive platform calculates, files, and remits all VAT, GST, and sales taxes on your behalf, and assumes all risks and liabilities associated with global tax compliance.

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