Business Over Borders #3 • Accelerating Your Business Finances with Kevin Brent

Business Over Borders
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One of the oldest sayings in the book - you need money to make money. In this episode of Business Over Borders, join host Leo Tucker as he dives into the world of cash conversion cycles with Reach's VP Finance, Kevin Brent. You'll learn expert tips on how to navigate invoicing, offering net terms, and treasury management to ensure your working capital grows with your business.


Leo Tucker: Welcome to business over borders brought to you by the Reach Network, where we help you become a payments expert. I'm your host, Leo Tucker. I'm joined today by VP of finance here at Reach and my dear friend, Kevin Brent. Kevin?

Kevin Brent: We're here to talk about working capital.

Leo Tucker: That's right. Obviously, businesses need money to do the things they need to do.

Kevin Brent: Yes.

Leo Tucker: Payroll, paying vendors, growing the business. Yep. What kind of things are you seeing in the market that's specifically challenging for selling cross border?

Kevin Brent: Yeah. Well, I mean, obviously, there's complications with cross border, but there's been a whole bunch of things that impact every business that have happened to lately. So just to date this, that it's being recorded in May of 2024. Right. Sounds right.

For posterity, we've seen a couple of years of interest rate hikes. All of the sudden, capital has a cost. It's not free anymore. And so ...

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