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Leverage Reach’s end-to-end B2B solution and seamlessly scale into international markets while eliminating the fragmentation of traditional cross-border B2B payments.


So, the problem with B2B right now is it's prime for disruption, and it's prime for digitization, right? So right now, most businesses are sending an invoice through a PDF. The vendor then has to go to their bank, send out a wire - they're gonna get hit with wire fees - go to their bank even if they're going online, it's still an extra step. The second thing is not a lot of businesses are allowing invoices to be paid with credit cards, especially in the SMB space. Some are, some aren't. If you aren't, well, you need to - if you are, you're probably going through the natural cross-border transaction workflow, which includes a lot of extra fees. So basically how Reach solved this problem is, we built a fully pre-built checkout that includes and solves all the complexities that a user is faced with when paying that invoice cross border. So you get a local currency rate direct from a bank. It includes Net Terms, it includes multiple ways to pay, so it's not just cards. But the key point here is it's all available...

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