Enable a Secure and Dependable Processing Network for Global Payments

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Solve your cross-border pain points in a way that scales with a global network of established entities and partnerships and our all-in payments solution.


When a merchant decides to work with Reach, they're truly getting a global and trusted advisor in the payments space. We've created a network of providers not only ensuring redundancy, but a depth and breadth of an offering and a secure and dependable processing network that a merchant gets to tap into by working with Reach.

I'm Melissa Pottenger and I work at Reach and I'm the head of key partnerships. So I work with payment processors around the world to ensure that Reach is able to have the very best offering for merchants to be able to expand into new global markets and ensure healthy authorization rates and lower costs. A big part of my job is working directly with our payment processors to ensure that Reach is always getting the very best pricing, and sometimes that means we're putting the heat on them to deliver, deliver secure solutions, to deliver regions where demand is and to ensure that our contract is giving us the best of everything. I think it really speaks to how Reach is ensuring that,...

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