Grow Your Authorization Rates with Intelligent Routing

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Optimize your global payments with our Merchant of Record model and intelligently route transactions to ensure the highest authorization rates.


Reach's Merchant of Record model promises high authorization rates by localizing payments. The bank that's requesting the money and the bank that's giving away the money are local to one another within the same "circle of banking," let's call it. It's not necessarily just the same country - for the money to go from the consumer all the way to the merchant, there are many paths that this money could take. There are a lot of players in between. And to be able to achieve the highest auth rate we measure and test in real time the success rates of transactions as they're going through these different paths. We constantly monitor and test what the auth rates, what the approval rates of transactions are, for specific payment methods for specific currencies, uh, when it's getting initiated from a specific geography. So if someone from Brazil is trying to buy something from Sweden, how do we wanna route that transaction? Given a specific payment method? We automatically intelligently route the transactions in a way th...

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