Enhance Transaction Health with a Merchant of Record

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Harness our robust Merchant of Record network to ensure high authorization rates in your cross-border markets through local processing and intelligent routing.


A big part of what makes Reach so special is that we truly care about transaction health. Payments is not one size fits all. Reach makes smart decisions about the offering. We are strategic about the payment methods we offer and the countries we cover because we know that we can deliver for merchants in those regions. So higher authorization rates, reduce costs. There are markets in the EU and the UK that will add friction to improve the security of a transaction.

There's a flow for a transaction to go through. We have a lot of merchants coming to us and looking at failed authorizations, and they say, "Hey, you rejected this." No. The same as Reach exists in the flow of the money of the transaction. There's other institutions that are kind of in the middle. A lot of those responses come from the issuing banks. And so it is important that you, as a merchant, you learn to identify what each different state of a transaction is so that you can wonder what other kind of data token should I be sending so tha...

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