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Achieve global tax compliance with our Merchant of Record model and scale without the complexity or burden of managing it yourself.


One of the most difficult problems that digital businesses have today is global tax compliance. If you're selling a software, streaming service, and oftentimes other types of services as well, and you have a global audience, what that means is you now need to charge local sales tax wherever all of your customers are.
So the governments are basically saying, we don't want to do this at the border anymore. It's up to you, the merchant or the digital platform. The governments are always going to try and find a way to sort of figure out the easiest way to tax the appropriate person. And through this they're going back to the platforms. So now you have to have a database in real time to price that VAT to collect the appropriate VAT so that you can pay it to the governments.

All over the world. Countries require you to charge local sales tax to that consumer and you have to pay the respective authorities that local sales tax. And that sucks for businesses selling online. It's a very difficult thing to man...

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