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Convert more by offering your global buyers the best pricing with live tradable FX rates direct from liquidity providers by integrating with our Merchant of Record model.


One of the biggest misconceptions with foreign exchange for all businesses is an indication rate versus a tradable rate. In most instances of commerce, people use what's called an indication rate. Now this is the rate, if you go and look up "how much is 100 US dollars in Euros," you're not getting that rate and you're going to have a significant markup on top of that. What's that real full price guaranteed to me? And that's what we would call a tradable rate. And one of the unique things about Reach is that we're able to give you that true, real tradable rate guaranteed as well in real time onto your website to effectively give you a guaranteed price, both for buyer and seller, and eliminate all of the risk of uncertainty. And that effectively gives both buyer and seller the peace of mind that they know exactly what they're paying and how much they're getting back in their native currencies.

If you are selling internationally and your customer is paying the FX on their credit card or themselves, well, ...

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