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Harness our end-to-end solution for B2B payments to elevate your global buyer’s experience by offering them the payment methods they want.


One of the biggest pain points for B2B merchants is that they don't have the flexibility of payment methods available when trying to attract buyers and make it very easy for them to purchase from them. Whether they're a manufacturer or some sort of seller, the key is making sure that they can offer as many flexible payment methods as possible. The three largest ones are going to be: a credit card transaction - not gonna apply for super high value stuff, but is still a popular payment method. You're gonna have a local bank transfer, which oftentimes people end up doing as wire transfers because it's faster, it's more efficient, but it costs more money, and it's a little bit more of a pain to get it done, but at least you know that the money's gonna land, on time, and when the banks say it will.

Not using wire transfers requires you to have localized bank transfers. And what that means is that you can very seamlessly log in your online banking portal, enter your login credentials, sync up your bank accou...

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