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Eliminate currency fluctuation when selling cross-border. Reduce your transaction risk by leveraging our guaranteed FX rates, which are live and locked in for up to 90 days.


So right now, uh, obviously currencies are very volatile and currency risk is top of mind to a lot of businesses and merchants, especially the ones that are actually aggregating in foreign payables.

Basically, what Reach does to solve this problem is, we're feeding in a live and tradable rate in real time. With Reach's proprietary technology, we're able to feed in that rate and lock it at the point of sale, and thus removing any risk between transaction date and settlement date, which is traditionally where the trade happens.

Reach’s FX API also guarantees the rate out for 90 days. We're guaranteeing that rate from the original transaction. Why that's important is if you were to return, say a month later, or even 15 days later, you're now getting the flip side of the market on the day of that return - now you've got market fluctuation. An end user could be out anywhere from, you know, 20 basis points all the way up to 2% right now, these days just by simply returning a product. So through the Re...

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