Unlock Your Global Markets with a Merchant of Record

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Enable a domestic payment experience for your international customers while decreasing your processing fees and increasing conversions with our Merchant of Record model.


A Merchant of Record is the entity that is responsible for the actual transaction itself. So a business like reach steps into the transaction and becomes liable for the transaction. We ensure that customer service fraud and dispute management is taken away from being a burden for a merchant themselves.

We will always route transactions to a banking provider that is local to wherever the shopper is or the end customer - and by doing so, you're able to circumvent issues that happen whenever there are cross-border transactions. Many of those issues compound with the more cross-border business that you have. With Reach, you're able to sort of use our entity structure and our banking relationships that can allow you to truly unlock offering localized payments to your worldwide audience.

So merchants can go directly to any payment processor they want, but the problem is they can't go local with that payment processor unless they too have a local entity and they'll say, "great, where are your offices?"...

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