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Keep your global business ahead of the adoption curve by offering the preferred payment methods and experiences today’s modern buyers expect with our model.


So I think the past of payments is slow moving money. So, paper cheques and customers not having confidence in their money being secure, the present of payments? BNPL, we're seeing tons of buy now, pay later options, and we're seeing customers wanting to break things up. The future of payments? Faster, moving money, still more secure and solving for authentication and privacy on an international scale.

Everything's moving towards real-time. Shoppers want things now and we get that. So, every innovation that we're seeing in payments right now is meant to speed up transactions while ensuring things are still secure. Central bank backed currency is definitely a thing, but like so many things that we've seen happen in payments, it's volatile. It'll take a long time 'til adoption. Other real-time payment methods, like real-time bank transfers, open banking, peer-to-peer transfers like Venmo and Pix in Brazil. Those are definitely things that are on the rise, but they're also things that we have to be mindfu...

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