Why Authorization Rates Matter to Your Global Business

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Learn about authorization rates, how they affect your consumers and bottom line, and how our Merchant of Record model ensures they stay high.


High authorization rates are important so that, uh, the merchant realizes the most value out of the consumers that are filling up a cart and wanna buy a thing. We want to make sure the banks are not the blocker for the transaction to go through. There's a bunch of features that affects your authorization rate, based on those features, the same transaction's approved by one bank, but not approved by the other bank. Reach collects heaps and heaps of data on the different routes that the transactions could take. Uh, we even sometimes send sample transactions to basically test out new routes or the things that consumers aren't using just yet. Since we're constantly measuring and re-measuring the success rates, the consumer and the merchant don't have to worry about staying up to date with what's new with Visa, whatever it might be. We are experimentally, rather than going through contracts and the changes, we are experimentally putting transactions through, measuring their success rate and then ensuring that tran...

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