Decrease Your False Declines with a Merchant of Record

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Convert 15 to 20% more buyers in your foreign markets by enabling local acquiring with our Merchant of Record model and vast network of established global entities.


Today's global economy, it's, it's very challenging. Everyone's looking for a way to reduce costs and really understand how they can convert more customers, you know, so how do we optimize that experience? And I think when you look at international processing, when you're not processing correctly, so if you're doing it through, let's say if it's a US based business, they're selling into Europe, but they're processing through their US entity, that is technically a cross border transaction. So what happens is that when a European card holder tries to make that purchase, there'll be like an inadvertent decline.

So one of the big challenges that we solve is that we allow customers to process that transaction locally through our European entity. So if the US based business is processing for a customer in Europe, that transaction will go through like a domestic transaction. So a lot of times people don't realize if you process cross-border, you're losing like 15 to 20% of your customers to false declines bec...

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