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Protect your brand & customers from FX risk and fluctuation in your global markets. Sell cross-border with the competitive advantage Reach’s FX API provides.


A really good example of money lost to volatility coming down, is if you priced your product in Europe last year, and you didn't change your price… the revenue from your product, in Europe, dropped dramatically. And where there's an opportunity here to use a reach service is back to the FX API - to be able to reduce the amount of risk that's happening in the volatile markets right now.

My full name is Sam Ranieri, and I'm the CEO At Reach. We have the ability to lock the foreign price and have the risk on the settlement currency back to the merchant - which, that's an option for merchants. The second one is, allow the end user to bear the brunt of the risk. So we would feed in our FX API and the currency on the front end would change based on the market, and that rate can update every 25 hours. So you're basically always pulling a new rate.

The other way is: a more sophisticated merchant aggregating all of the foreign amounts into their foreign accounts. Well, at some point, even if you have a n...

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