Decrease Your Fraud Risk with a Merchant of Record

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Experience the best fraud protection you can have with a Merchant of Record model that’s invested in maintaining strict low fraud thresholds.


If you're an online business, you want to mitigate the risk, you want to mitigate your losses. There's always gonna be fraud. Doesn't matter what you do, either if it's friendly fraud or if it's real fraud. You know, there's a lot of people right now that are taking advantage of, reading carefully your Terms & Conditions. And if you're the package that you were supposed to deliver in two weeks, but if you don't specify if it's business days, people will file chargebacks, and they'll get that money, and that person is legitimate. But you know, they're committing, uh, a different type of fraud. And so if you don't know how to identify these scams, then you're gonna be subject to them.

You need to surround yourself by the experts, especially in a global market, going to, to those, uh, service providers that know what they're doing, that have been in the industry for a while, and they, they can see the trends not just with fraud, but also payment methods. That is the best, uh, tool for you.

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