Manage Compliance & Risk in International Markets With a MOR

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Learn why it’s critical to understand compliance in your global markets and how our Merchant of Record model can help you mitigate risk and fraud exposure.


The reason that Risk and Compliance is important is it's the core sort of pillars to have in place to make sure that we can protect our financial reputation and brand. And it has to start from the top all the way down. No matter what role you're in, everybody has to understand "Here are the controls and the policies that are in place. This is why they're in place, and this is what we're doing to make sure that we're mitigating our financial and reputational risk for ourselves and for our clients." My name is Mike McGirr, Vice President of Compliance. Uh, with Reach. I've been in the payments space for, for about 23 years now. I'm always focused in the controls and measures to protect the organization. It's a complex environment we're working in, and having the people that just want to get the work done and do it right and do everything that's best for our customers has been awesome.

I think it's critical for our clients to care about what we do from a Risk and Compliance point of view. If a customer's ...

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