Simplify Global Compliance with A Merchant of Record

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Leverage our vast Merchant of Record network of established global entities to maintain your compliance with local regulations in foreign markets seamlessly.


When you look at the global markets and what merchants need to do to adhere to all the compliance requirements, I mean, I really think it comes down to make sure that you have a, a local entity. Um, so you can't just create a shell company, right? You have to have people on the ground and, and people that have a meaningful role within the organization. So there's cost involved to create an entity to hiring the right people and then understanding the rules and regulations for, you know, LATAM versus EU versus US or Canada, right? They're completely different from a privacy point of view. And making sure that you're adhering to all those requirements is a pretty hard task to do. It takes a lot of expertise and research to be able to keep up with all the changes that might be coming down the pipeline as well.

We've gone through the process and we have our local entities and, and all the markets that we, we can serve. We really invested in making sure that we have the right people, the controls, the proces...

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