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Avoid the checkout complexities of traditional marketplace buying and selling. Discover our end-to-end solution that keeps your payments on your platform, and your buyers and sellers satisfied, all while growing your bottom line.


I would say one of the biggest complexities for marketplaces, is the fact you have to cater to two separate groups.

So you have to make a seller experience that's enjoyable and has all the endpoints that it needs, as well as a consumer experience that's enjoyable and has all the endpoints it needs.

And when payments come into play, marketplaces face a tough choice because they either have to involve themselves intimately in the payments by becoming a licensed PayFac themselves, which really makes them implicit when it comes to fraud, and tax, and compliance, and it puts them in the funds flow. Now, marketplaces a lot of times don't want that type of complexity, so they can basically outsource their payments to, you know, a segmented provider, but it doesn't create a great experience for the sellers. They have to leave your marketplace. They have to go sign up for an account, and a lot of times the marketplace is given either little rev share or nothing at all. So they're completely removed from ...

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