Manage Compliance and Reduce Risk with a Merchant of Record

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Discover how our Merchant of Record model can help you maintain compliance and decrease your fraud risks in cross-border markets.


The reason that risk and compliance is important. It's the core pillars to have in place to make sure that we can protect our financial reputation and brands. And then understanding the rules and regulations for LATAM versus EU versus US or Canada and making sure that you're adhering to all those requirements is a pretty hard task to do. It takes a lot of expertise and research to be able to keep up with all the changes that might be coming down the pipeline as well.

If you make a transaction today, online in Europe, your bank will send you what's called 3DS, basically a two-factor authentication for you to verify your identity - and they do that strictly because of fraud.

You want to understand what 3DS2 is, for example, if you're going into Europe, why? Because now it's required, and it's going to be kind of like a basic requirement for a lot more markets in the near future. And so you going into these places, but not knowing what kind of data you need to collect at the time of checkout, that ...

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