Synthetic Fraud & Identifying Global Fraud Patterns

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Learn how enhancing your fraud controls with our global experts can help protect your brand from evolving fraud patterns in your foreign markets.


Businesses can combat synthetic fraud by learning, learning about their customers, learning about the markets that they're going into - because now you have all of this legitimate information out there - then the target is to use all of that data, and that has changed the name of the game. Before, you would look for specific patterns, and now, you're looking at a transaction that looks 99%, uh, legitimate. And it is that 1% that you need to learn to identify.

My name is Pablo Torres. I work at Reach, and I'm the head of Compliance and Risk Operations. When you're doing your due diligence and you know your customers, you know the prevalent payment methods that are used in what areas, there's always gonna be kind of like a flat line in the profile of the customers that come to you, and there's always gonna be a spike as to what this person is doing, and that's how you identify them.

So there's the transactional fraud, but then there's also the underwriting fraud, which is: you need to do your due ...

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