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Guarantee FX rates up to 90 days and offer payment methods preferred by your global B2C or B2B consumers to improve your customer retention with our Merchant of Record model.


If you are selling internationally and your customer is paying the FX on their credit card or themselves, well they're gonna get that marked up when they buy it. That might be okay, but it's really not a good experience if they get their return marked down. What Reach does is we actually lock in the FX rate for 90 days, which allows you to provide the customer the exact amount of money back that they received, which is incredibly important for retail. Particularly, you know, say clothing. If you're not sure what size fits well, you might order a six and an eight and return whichever one doesn't. So it really improves the customer experience and make sure that your marketing dollars are driving sticky customers. Reach's North Star is to eliminate the friction from all cross border transactions. And so we've had incredible success doing that in the retail, e-commerce space. And with the new opportunities and partnerships that we're working towards, we're going to do an amazing job doing that for the B2B space.<...

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