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Capture additional revenue and scale at the lowest cost by monetizing your marketplace’s cross-border payments with our Merchant of Record model.


How do you as a marketplace or a platform that's looking to build out a new line of revenue, monetize off of people selling from their platform?

One of the biggest growing trends you see, is having embedded finance - embedded checkouts. Like the Airbnbs, like the Ubers, like Amazon. They definitely take on a merchant of record role, and the reason is it gives you optimizations of the entire experience and connection with that customer. The issue is: are you willing to invest millions of dollars and years to build a truly best in breed marketplace?

That's where Reach comes in and allows that, with our merchant record model, marketplaces can white label that so you can quickly and efficiently have solutions that the most successful marketplaces are able to offer. Regardless of what industry of business you're in, if you're accepting payments cross-border, the Merchant of Record model can really help you....

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