Tackle Complex and Evolving Fraud Trends

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Tackle sophisticated and evolving fraud patterns with our global experts to empower successful transactions while mitigating fraudulent ones.


The face of fraud is changing a lot. Because there's so much data out there, then you're gonna be dealing with much more complex fraud - and that is the challenge. And I've seen it, one of the new trends is to infect your mobile device with malware so that when you get that verification code, then they get it, and then they're able to check out, and they block it from your phone so that you don't even see it. So you don't, you're not wondering, “why am I getting this right now?”

There's also social engineering, which is basically people calling you and saying, “Hey,” they would have your information so they know that you bank with X bank and they'll say, “Hey, we noticed that there was some weird activity, uh, on your account. We just wanna verify something with you, blah, blah, blah.” And they'll sound legit because they've done, this is their job. They'll tell you, “we're just gonna send you a verification code to your phone so that you know that it's us doing this.” But in the meantime, they're plac...

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