True Fraud #1 • The Mother of All Breaches

True Fraud
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In the premiere episode of True Fraud, host Pablo Torres explains the recent "Mother of all breaches", and offers practical advice on how you, as a consumer, can protect your data online. Learn how to create a virtual persona, monitor your credit card and credit file information, and protect your accounts against bad actors and criminal networks who are looking to exploit your digital weaknesses.


Welcome to the first episode of True Fraud. My name is Pablo Torres and I'm the head of Risk and Compliance at Reach. This podcast is to educate everyone about what's happening in the world, the new trends with fraud, and where we see things going. Today, we're going to talk about the access of data and how it's impacting people and how everyone seems to be either oblivious about it or they just choose to ignore it, and I think it's so important to talk about this topic because there's this basic knowledge of: okay, somebody may have access to my information or my personal data and somebody may try to use that against me. Everyone has as kind of, or runs with the basic protocol of protecting your pin when you're making a purchase, at the POS or if you're paying for gas or if you are just even entering your password on anything and you're in a public space.

There's a lot of, I guess, lack of understanding of how to do this and maintain it and maybe even turning into part of your daily behavior or what y...

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