True Fraud #4 • Cybersecurity 101 with Tim Graham: Protecting Your Business

True Fraud
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Businesses around the world are constantly facing threats of ransomware attacks and phishing scams. This epidemic will only grow with the onset of advanced AI tools and mass migration to the cloud. Join host, Pablo Torres and Security Analyst, Tim Graham to learn about the trends, and what to look for, to ensure you remain safe from these attacks.


Pablo Torres: Welcome to True Fraud. I'm your host, Pablo Torres. Today, we're talking to Tim Graham. He's our security analyst here at Reach. Tim, welcome to the podcast.

Tim Graham: Thank you for having me.

Pablo Torres: Yeah. I'm really glad that you're here because I think I would like to talk with you and I would like for you to talk more about the misconceptions on cybersecurity, how they cross with the field with fraud, the anti money laundering. Maybe we can talk a little bit about the trends that you're seeing in the market. Maybe some predictions, since you're a wizard. And can you define cybersecurity?

Tim Graham: I'm sure most people they've seen the movies, the TV shows where they see the, you know, the person in the hoodie and they're behind the computer, and they're, you know, just typing away, and the screen's moving all over everywhere. And that's, that's Hollywood. That's definitely Hollywood. Cybersecurity is just basic. It's it's not as complicated as people think it i...

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