True Fraud #5 • Fraud Profiles Mini-Series: Exploring Argentina

True Fraud
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Join us on an adventure through Argentina! This episode is part of a special True Fraud mini-series where we'll dive into different countries around the globe and look at the specific fraud that's most commonly seen in these markets. Learn exactly what trends to look for and the best payment methods to offer as you expand your ecommerce business.


Pablo Torres: Hey. I'm Pablo Torres, and this is True Fraud. This special episode is part of our latest mini series diving into the fraud patterns in different countries that are important to you as a global ecommerce business. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next country deep dive.

Ecommerce fraud patterns change geographically because of the access to technology, the access to information, the financial, status of the country, the the education level of the people in them, so when you think of population in Europe, for example, there might be a higher level of education, more people with master's degrees or, you know, you name it.

And when you think of Latin America, there's less technology penetration, there's less easy access to technology, there's less knowledge on on that end, right? So that that really kind of paints a different picture as to how you're gonna approach your activity, like your fraudulent activity when when you're kind of going into that market. And so, initial...

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