True Fraud #6 • Fraud Profiles Mini-Series: Exploring Brazil

True Fraud
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This week we’re jetting over to Brazil with your Host, Pablo Torres as he explains the nuances of ecommerce fraud in this unique market. Learn about which type of credit card activity tends to be fraudulent, and why Brazilians tend to prefer cash-based payment methods, like Boleto.


Pablo Torres: Hey, I'm Pablo Torres, and this is True Fraud. This special episode is part of our latest mini series, diving into the fraud patterns in different countries that are important to you as a global ecommerce business. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next country deep dive. Brazil has been always a very interesting country in regards to ecommerce, in regards to fraud, politically, even its geographical position in Latin America. It's it's a huge country.
There's a lot of, challenges for it. You know, when you think about logistics, for example, is is definitely something that kind of gets in the way for for the country. And, you know, speaking of of the political aspect of the country, there's been so much turmoil. Actually, I think it was a few years ago, a couple years ago, their president was put in jail for for, fraudulent activity and taking money from other people and whatnot. When you think about that alone, it gives you a really good view of what's happening in the country.

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