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Save on cross-border fees. Pay for only what you need.

No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.

You can operate your entire global ecommerce solution with transparent pricing that takes the guesswork out of managing your costs, and helps you avoid cross-border fees charged by other payment processors.

Our pricing options:

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Get the cost certainty you need to successfully sell internationally. Our unique Merchant of Record model provides you with all the benefits you need to stop paying unnecessary cross-border fees. Access extra functionality as you need it.

2.75% + $0.30*

per successful order on our platform
*Typical standard pricing. May vary based on geography and payment method mix.

Enterprise pricing

If you have large payment volumes, or a unique business model that requires additional flexibility, we offer customized pricing proposals.

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Only pay for successful transactions.

Our pricing model ensures you only pay when you convert online sales and generate revenue. You will never pay costs associated with incomplete transactions - no matter the cause.

Get better pricing and more service:

Display pricing in your customers' local currency

Charge customers in 130+ currencies

Offer a complete set of payment methods

Dedicated team to handle disputes, chargebacks, and refunds

Ensure compliance with local regulations

Get upfront duty and tax rates

Process locally with Reach for even MORE savings.

When you work with other payment processors to facilitate cross-border transactions, you are processing where you are, not where your customer is. This means your interchange is higher, approval rates are lower, and you’re not receiving the best FX rate.

With Reach, your payment processing is completely localized to your customer through our global Merchant of Record global network, so you can avoid the fees and costs traditionally associated with cross-border processing.



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Credit assessment0.14%0.14%All-inclusive, no matter where your transaction takes place
assessment fee
International acquirer fee/Acquirer support fee0.45%1.00%
Qualification rate1.60%1.60%
Total fees paid3.59%3.59%2.75%+ $0.30*
*Typical standard pricing. May vary based on geography and payment method mix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing varies based on variables such as merchant location, payment methods, currency, and more. However, because Reach processes payments locally instead of cross-border, we typically save our merchants anywhere from 20 - 50% of their current fees.For a free custom proposal, please reach out here.

Reach processes its merchant’s transactions with the utmost care and security. Reach is fully PCI Level 1 compliant and monitored by SecurityMetrics, an ASV and a QSA for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Imagine if you are online shopping from the US with your Visa and stumbled upon the perfect item - but they only accepted Discover cards and charged exclusively in GBP. You likely wouldn't complete that purchase. Customers all over the world experience this frustration every day. When you optimize your cross-border payments with Reach, shoppers all over the world are able to pay with their preferred payment methods, in their home currency - making it easy to purchase from your store.

Ready to save money on cross-border transactions?