Business Over Borders #1 • Data-Driven Payments Success With Lohrasp Seify

Business Over Borders
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Confused about the complexities of banks, global payments, and how to keep your international customers happy? Join our host, Leo Tucker, as he talks with Lohrasp Seify, SVP Technology at Reach, about how to use data-driven insights and intelligent routing to ensure you’re getting the highest approval rates no matter what borders your payments are travelling across.


Leo Tucker:
Welcome to Business Over Borders. I'm your host, Leo Tucker. This podcast is brought to you by the Reach Network where we help you become a global payments expert. I'm joined today by Lohrasp Seify, our Senior VP of Technology at Reach. Welcome to the show.

Lohrasp Seify:
Thanks, Leo. Great to be here.

Leo Tucker:
So tell us a little about what you do at Reach.

Lohrasp Seify:
As you know, Reach is a financial technology company. So there's two different parts, two different big major parts in the company. There's all the things that we do in the financial sector, but on top of that, we use technology to try and make financial processes automated, cost less, more efficient, and at the end of the day, cheaper. So anything that has to do in that technology arm is what I try and help out with.

Leo Tucker:
Is there a project you're particularly excited about?

Lohrasp Seify:
What am I not excited about? I think at any given point in time, there's a fe...

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