Expand Your Addressable Market with Built-in Tax as a Service (TAAS) Solutions

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Offload the hassle of managing VAT, Tax and Duty while scaling into more global markets with our custom cross-border TaaS solution.


The Reach platform continues to solve cross-border problems. A more recent problem is, UK and EU requiring the merchant to actually pay tax or VAT instead of the VAT being paid at the border. Pre-governments interjecting here, what was happening is you would purchase a product in Canada, let's say, the product that would be shipped to you. A broker at the border would pick up that product, they would query a database and see what the duty and the tax is payable on this product, and then they would apply it, and then that package would get to your door and you would have to pay the duty and tax that was assessed by that broker. That's a pretty clunky sort of workflow, right? So the governments are basically saying, we don't wanna do this at the border anymore. It's up to you, the merchant or the digital platform.

The governments are always gonna try and find a way to sort of figure out the easiest way to tax the appropriate person. And through this, they're going back to the platforms, right? And the UK...

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